In Defense of Iris West

Sometimes there are characters the audience simply doesn’t like. Shows try to fix them, but as well as some characters have a huge following, others have a huge portion of the audience that doesn’t and decides to be very vocal about it. Recently, it happened with Laurel in ‘Arrow’, it happened with Katrina on ‘Sleepy Hollow’, and lately (although admittedly, it seems not that widespread) the latest victim has been Iris West, from ‘The Flash’. I have spoken about Katrina before, and while I was never the biggest fan of Laurel, it seems ‘Arrow’ is taking a step forward in her development that I am welcoming with open arms.

However, I am 100% sure Iris West is the woman the audience should be rooting for and I am completely dumbfounded that for many people, this is not the case.

Here you will find the reasons why part of the audience doesn’t like Iris, as well as an argument against them and an acknowledgment of the current problems regarding Iris’ characterization.

Note, there are spoilers for episode 1×14 of ‘The Flash’, ‘Fallout’

Iris doesn’t want Barry, but tries to sabotage him

When Barry confessed his feelings to Iris in the midseason finale, it was obvious she didn’t expect it. She had always seen Barry as a brotherly(ish) figure, which is easy to understand, considering they grew up together, under the same roof. These are not two people who just met each other and are friendly. These two people shared a house, her dad treated him like a son, and it is not far-fetched to think Iris would see him as family, because that’s just how it was.

However, part of the audience seems to think she was supposed to immediately leave the relationship she had with Eddie the moment Barry confessed he was in love with her and jumped into his arms.

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