3 Shows I’ve Binge-Watched This Month

It’s been a quiet month at Taylah Talks, and while yes, I could give you a thousand excuses as to how my life has been extremely busy, the truth is I have experienced a massive writer’s block.

So what have I been doing in the last month, then, other than wallowing in self-pity? Binge-watching TV, as you do. And then it hit me, I can actually tell you about what I have been watching!

So here are the three TV shows that have had my attention in the last month.


Much like the entirety of the internet, I immediately jumped on Netflix to watch Daredevil the moment its first season was released, and got through it within the same weekend.

Let’s be honest, Daredevil is nothing but another superhero origin story. The difference is in the execution. Daredevil manages to do everything Arrow has been trying to do this season (and failing) by giving us a likable male lead that has believable reasons to keep his secret from the people he loves, a well-rounded villain that is terrifying yet shares a lot in common with our hero and supporting characters with their own thoughts and motivations whose storylines are as interesting as our protagonist’s. It also featured one of my favorite male friendships on TV so far with Foggy and Matt, two adults that are past the “bro” phase and thus not unbearable to watch. Continue reading 3 Shows I’ve Binge-Watched This Month