My fall 2015-2016 TV schedule

Upfronts are done! The most stressing time of the year for TV watchers, where we find out whether our favorite shows have been renewed or cancelled is finally gone. There are some broken hearts, petitions to save shows and resignation for those who lost their favorites, and happiness for those whose favorite shows got renewed. I was lucky enough to have every show I currently watch renewed, which honestly freaks me out a little, because it never happens.

It also crowds my TV schedule quite a lot more than it already is, both during fall and midseason, but we’ll deal with that when the time comes.

So what are the shows I’m watching next season, and what new shows I’m giving a chance to? Find out below. Continue reading My fall 2015-2016 TV schedule


“The Flash” finally gave Iris West a voice

Last night’s episode of The Flash was an introduction to Grodd, a giant gorilla with telepathic abilities that was being tested on to create super soldiers before the particle accelerator exploded and was now living in the sewer system of Central City terrorizing people. This is one of The Flash’s most iconic villains, and I would go into detail as to why the episode made a good job portraying Grodd as terrifying yet making us feel bad for him, but the truth is, all I want to talk about is Iris West finding out Barry is The Flash.


Last week’s episode ended with Eddie being taken hostage by the Reverse Flash and Iris finding out Barry was the Flash, by herself, due to a small electric shock she had only felt with Barry before, during his coma.

Now, whether you enjoyed the reveal or wanted Iris to find out differently (or not find out at all yet) the most important part of the reveal was always going to be the fallout.

And it was glorious. Continue reading “The Flash” finally gave Iris West a voice

I watched “Age of Ultron” and it was just OK

Age of Ultron is not the best movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s also not the worst, by any means (Iron Man 2 or The Incredible Hulk share that title for me).

Reviewing Marvel movies is always a tough call for me, mostly because I don’t know whether to judge them as standalone films or to see how they stand against the other movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let’s be honest, here, Age of Ultron was always going to have a tough time topping Captain America: The Winter Soldier (currently holding my “favorite Marvel movie” title) AND the campy, fun, colorful joy that was Guardians of the Galaxy. The stakes were raised with these two and even though Age of Ultron manages to be an entertaining, fun and generally worth watching Avengers movie, it falls short in some things other Marvel movies have excelled in, including the first Avengers.

(Author note: this is my review after a first viewing. Can things change after a second one? For sure, but I think it's fair game to write about your first impressions of a movie)

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