Three Weeks In: How Are Our Favorite Shows Doing?

Fall TV has been back for now three (four, for some and two for others) weeks, and it is time to look back at our favorite TV shows and check how are they doing? Let’s see what Doctor Who, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., iZombie and Sleepy Hollow have brought to the table in their new seasons

Doctor Who


Doctor Who is possibly in one of its best seasons since its revival. Peter Capaldi has completely made The Doctor his own, 100% Rebel Time Lord. The new two-parter format, reminiscent of the classic stories, allows the writers to set up more complicated adventures that wrap up beautifully at the end of the second episode. Missy’s return (and posterior disappearance) were brilliant, and the cast in ‘Under the Lake’ and ‘Before the Flood’, including a hearing-impaired character was amazing. I am also quite enjoying how the show is dealing with Clara and The Doctor’s codependency. Contrary to what the show did with the Tenth Doctor and Rose, this is not painted in a positive light. These two would bend the rules for each other, and it’s very clear that they both have gray areas when it comes to what the right thing is. Clara is not the companion to stop The Doctor from going too far anymore and he can see this. The thing is, he doesn’t know how to stop it because he needs her in his life, wholeheartedly. It’s a very dark path to take the characters in and I am enjoying it a lot. Of course, there is a huge sense of doom above them, but I give the show props for embracing it. Prepare for the heartbreak, my friends. The glory days of The Doctor and Clara are soon to be over.

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Midseason Review: ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’

Weekly ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ reviews took a small break last week in order for me to fly over to London for a small geeky trip (no conventions this year, so I had to do something). But fear not, friends, for this is the perfect opportunity to write a review on the show as a whole up to midseason and what is working and what isn’t about season two, so far.



New dynamics explored

The best part of this season so far have been the ways the characters have paired off. Seth and Kate lasted so little but gave us a lot and quickly became a fan favorite pairing (#sethandkate4everrr), but their separation didn’t mean their stories became boring. Quite the contrary, Sonja and Seth’s relationship, which seems to be going too hard, too fast, is interesting because Sonja obviously has something to hide and doesn’t stop herself from giving Seth crap and Seth seems to be throwing himself into it because it’s the most ‘normal’ he has felt in a while.

Kate found her brother Scott and even though Scott didn’t want to accept her help and flew off despite Kate’s efforts to understand him, Freddie showed up when she needed him the most. And he needed her too. Their partnership in the last episode was great, and it was nice to see Kate being valued and taken into consideration as an equal, since it took so long for Seth to actually let her work with him.

Meanwhile Scott and Carlos are in young padawan – Jedi Master territory, with Scott becoming his right hand in the setting up of his new empire of evil.  Santanico found a shadow of her former self in Paloma, a young girl she kidnapped in order to make her way to Malvado’s hideout, but who keeps reminding her of the monster she is becoming versus the girl she used to be.

All of these new dynamics are keeping the show from becoming stale and repetitive, and keeping the brothers away from each other worked out rather well, to my surprise. But of course you cannot do that for too long, and now the Gecko brothers ride again.

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