If you haven’t watched ‘Grace and Frankie’ it’s time to fix that mistake

I was unknowingly a big, fat ageist and I was not aware.

This is not the only thing I take away from “Grace and Frankie”, but it is the first one I want to get out of the way, in case your own ageism is stopping you from giving this show a shot too.

If you think your young, careless self is not going to find something fun, entertaining or relatable in “Grace and Frankie” you are dead wrong.

When I first heard about this show I was rather intrigued by the premise: two marriages of over 40 years fall apart when both husbands reveal to their wives they have been in love for over 20 years and want to spend the rest of their lives together. Then both women decide to grieve the loss of their marriages together and instead of tearing each other apart, they occupy their fabulous, shared beach house and become best friends.

But somehow, something was stopping me from watching and I didn’t know what it was: was it the fact that Miley Cyrus was the one who got it a second season? Was it the fact that legends Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin were getting paid the same as their male co-stars even though they ARE the two leads of the show? Was it the fact that I have barely watched any other TV shows since From Dusk Till Dawn and Bob’s Burgers and I didn’t feel like watching anything else?

No, it was the fact that I didn’t think I would relate to the story of two 70-year old women starting over.

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My fall 2015-2016 TV schedule

Upfronts are done! The most stressing time of the year for TV watchers, where we find out whether our favorite shows have been renewed or cancelled is finally gone. There are some broken hearts, petitions to save shows and resignation for those who lost their favorites, and happiness for those whose favorite shows got renewed. I was lucky enough to have every show I currently watch renewed, which honestly freaks me out a little, because it never happens.

It also crowds my TV schedule quite a lot more than it already is, both during fall and midseason, but we’ll deal with that when the time comes.

So what are the shows I’m watching next season, and what new shows I’m giving a chance to? Find out below. Continue reading My fall 2015-2016 TV schedule

“The Flash” finally gave Iris West a voice

Last night’s episode of The Flash was an introduction to Grodd, a giant gorilla with telepathic abilities that was being tested on to create super soldiers before the particle accelerator exploded and was now living in the sewer system of Central City terrorizing people. This is one of The Flash’s most iconic villains, and I would go into detail as to why the episode made a good job portraying Grodd as terrifying yet making us feel bad for him, but the truth is, all I want to talk about is Iris West finding out Barry is The Flash.


Last week’s episode ended with Eddie being taken hostage by the Reverse Flash and Iris finding out Barry was the Flash, by herself, due to a small electric shock she had only felt with Barry before, during his coma.

Now, whether you enjoyed the reveal or wanted Iris to find out differently (or not find out at all yet) the most important part of the reveal was always going to be the fallout.

And it was glorious. Continue reading “The Flash” finally gave Iris West a voice

I watched “Age of Ultron” and it was just OK

Age of Ultron is not the best movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s also not the worst, by any means (Iron Man 2 or The Incredible Hulk share that title for me).

Reviewing Marvel movies is always a tough call for me, mostly because I don’t know whether to judge them as standalone films or to see how they stand against the other movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let’s be honest, here, Age of Ultron was always going to have a tough time topping Captain America: The Winter Soldier (currently holding my “favorite Marvel movie” title) AND the campy, fun, colorful joy that was Guardians of the Galaxy. The stakes were raised with these two and even though Age of Ultron manages to be an entertaining, fun and generally worth watching Avengers movie, it falls short in some things other Marvel movies have excelled in, including the first Avengers.

(Author note: this is my review after a first viewing. Can things change after a second one? For sure, but I think it's fair game to write about your first impressions of a movie)

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3 Shows I’ve Binge-Watched This Month

It’s been a quiet month at Taylah Talks, and while yes, I could give you a thousand excuses as to how my life has been extremely busy, the truth is I have experienced a massive writer’s block.

So what have I been doing in the last month, then, other than wallowing in self-pity? Binge-watching TV, as you do. And then it hit me, I can actually tell you about what I have been watching!

So here are the three TV shows that have had my attention in the last month.


Much like the entirety of the internet, I immediately jumped on Netflix to watch Daredevil the moment its first season was released, and got through it within the same weekend.

Let’s be honest, Daredevil is nothing but another superhero origin story. The difference is in the execution. Daredevil manages to do everything Arrow has been trying to do this season (and failing) by giving us a likable male lead that has believable reasons to keep his secret from the people he loves, a well-rounded villain that is terrifying yet shares a lot in common with our hero and supporting characters with their own thoughts and motivations whose storylines are as interesting as our protagonist’s. It also featured one of my favorite male friendships on TV so far with Foggy and Matt, two adults that are past the “bro” phase and thus not unbearable to watch. Continue reading 3 Shows I’ve Binge-Watched This Month

“This show is not about relationships” MEEEC, WRONG!

With the figure of the “shipper” being mainstream and the involvement of writers and showrunners with the fans that invest in their shows, we have reached a situation where fans have no filter when it comes to demanding and asking from writers. The fourth wall has been broken and though the sometimes entitled and violent behavior from fans is unacceptable, it is unfortunate that the writers decide to fight back with regrettable affirmations such as the standard excuse for shippers: “this show is not about relationships.”

I have expressed before that I am a shipper, and I am not ashamed of it. I like romance, I like the idea of two people finding friendship and comfort on each other. I have, occassionally, enjoyed toxic relationships based on chemistry alone. I like the angst, I like the waiting, I like the finding other people to talk through the pain of your “OTP” not getting together. I like reading fanfiction. It’s one of my favorite parts of being invested on television.

Do I watch television only because of the romantic relationships? No. But do I find them a plus in shows I enjoy? Yes.

This blog post, however, is more than about romantic relationships. It’s about the  insistence that human interaction is not a vital part of every single show we watch on television, when truly, it is entirely the reason why these shows exist. Continue reading “This show is not about relationships” MEEEC, WRONG!

‘Doctor Who’ and my fandom experience

Today we celebrate a whole decade since the reboot of Doctor Who, to many a show they didn’t know before it came back, to many the rebirth of a beloved sci-fi classic that accompanied them through the years. I had planned a Top 10 episodes post for 10 years and that might still happen this week, but today I want to talk about how Doctor Who has shaped my life in terms of fandom-involvement, and how it is heavily responsible for me being able to write this post, at this very moment.

Before I even knew what Doctor Who was most of my fan-experience, similar to the one I still live today, had been limited to Buffy and Charmed forums, back when I was probably too young to be on forums (I was about 12) and yes, I watched an absurd amount of TV, but I was in no way as involved as I was when this show came into my life. Continue reading ‘Doctor Who’ and my fandom experience

Should the Last Man on Earth die?

I wanted to like The Last Man on Earth. I really wanted to.

When I first heard about the show, I thought it was an interesting concept: a one-man show highlighting the ups and downs of finding yourself alone after the whole world’s gone to shit (pardon my French), but of course, as many people when we first heard about it, I wondered for how long that could work. The answer was right at the end of the first episode, when we found out our protagonist, who had spent two years driving around the country while putting up “Alive in Tucson” signs, talking to balls and making out with mannequins, discovers he isn’t alone in the world. There is someone else out there, and it is a woman.


The show manages to make the second and third episodes charming by highlighting the big differences between the new character, Carol, and Phil. While Phil’s way of keeping himself “sane” was to break as many rules as possible, Carol’s way was to overcompensate by paying way too much attention to the rules. Their interactions were funny, they had a really fun rapport, and even though Phil’s reticence to Carol’s suggestion that they should marry before they start trying to repopulate the Earth was ridiculous (if marriage no longer exists as institution, what does it matter to do it for show, Phil?), we started to see the two bonding and Carol letting loose. The show was now more “the odd-couple” than the actual The Odd Couple, and it worked.

Until Melissa arrived. Continue reading Should the Last Man on Earth die?

iZombie: on surviving your inner zombie

Turns out mid-season TV is a lot about women learning how to survive after traumatic events.

If you don’t know the premise of iZombie, I’ll catch you up really fast: Olive Moore is a type-A medical student that has the perfect life: she’s good at her job, she is engaged to a wonderful man and she has the perfect family and friends.  Everything seems to be going well, until she is invited to a party where there is a small yet terrifying zombie outbreak. She wakes up the next day, scratched and in a body bag, to find out she is still alive. Except she isn’t. She is undead. She is a zombie.

Of course, this takes a bit of a toll on her. She leaves her job and in order to satisfy her brain cravings decides to start working at a morgue instead. When she is at home, she watches TV and zombie movies (for zombie research) mindlessly while eating food she cannot taste unless it’s really covered in hot sauce and of course, she breaks up her engagement in order not to infect her poor, unknowing boyfriend, which leads her family to believe she has PTSD. Continue reading iZombie: on surviving your inner zombie

10 (12) “Guilty Pleasure” Shows

I generally dislike the term “guilty pleasure”, especially when it comes to pop culture. We “all” (#notallTVaddicts) enjoy trashy books (after all “Fifty Shades of Grey” is a success, inexplicably), cheesy scripts, telenovelas and reality shows. It’s okay. The life of the TV addict doesn’t have to be reduced to good things. If we didn’t watch bad things to compare them to, we wouldn’t know what is really good.

This post is all about those shows I don’t tell people I spend a ridiculous amount of time watching. They are the shows that fill in the time between binge watches, the shows that cover the nights when I have no shows to watch or simply the shows that I unashamedly enjoy.

1. Property Brothers

Do I want a picture of the Property Brothers to pop up when people look up my blog? Why yes, thank you. Watching these two make house magic is one of the most entertaining things on television. Not to mention the amount of satisfaction you feel when you know you’d totally be less annoying than all those couples that appear on the show. I would trust Jonathan Silver Scott with my life (okay, I might have gotten carried away, but I would definitely trust him with my house). If he wants to give me granite counter-tops, I’ll let him give them to me good. And yes, Drew sometimes kind of forces people into buying complete disasters and then leaves and lets Jonathan do all the dirty work thus making them spend all their savings, but he is also cool, like we see in those total 10 minutes he appears on the show.

Admittedly, Drew gets to shine more in other shows, and that is okay, because I watch them all. Don’t you love it when people in “Buying & Selling” find a new house that is kind of okay for what they want and then Jonathan has completely renovated theirs in a way that you can tell they are feeling physical pain knowing they have to leave? I do.

And of course, that closing, totally non-scripted witty banter the bros share at the end of every show is what I live for. Oh, these two! Continue reading 10 (12) “Guilty Pleasure” Shows

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