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Weekly Review (Midweek Review II)

Welcome to our second instance of Midweekend Review, or, shall we say, Weekly Review? Quite honestly, dear readers, maybe this hasn’t been the best idea. As I was reviewing my TV show schedule, apparently 90% of the shows I watch air from Sunday to Wednesday, as made clear by the fact that there was not a “Weekend Review” post last week. The list will become even bigger when most shows return from hiatus next week. So I am thinking about switching days for these posts or naming them differently, otherwise I will suffer from another massive writer’s block, like this one. I am only getting started, and I’m learning as I go.

But for now, a look at what Galavant, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Broadchurch, the return of Parks and Recreation and Cougar Town had to offer this week!


Galavant continues making of Richard one of the most endearing villains of all time in these two episodes, first by trying to cheer up the remaining people of Valencia (which he conquered and killed and then forgot)  and then by trying to win over Madalena, once he finds out she has been cheating on him with the jester by using said jester to help him become funnier. Of course, he fails at all of these things, and while you are constantly being reminded of all the terrible things he’s done, you kind of feel bad.  How do they do that?

Meanwhile, the golden trio’s friendship is put to a test, first by the discovery that Sid is kind of a big deal in his own town, Sidneyland (real name) where he is loved by many for being a knight (which he isn’t). Trouble is, his adoptive, white and Jewish parents hold him to high standards so to impress them, he tells them Galavant is his squire and Isabella jumps to say she is engaged to him. His family immediately welcomes Isabella but not Galavant, who has to spend his time with the rest of the squires. There he discovers that some of them hate musical numbers (WHY?) and ALL of them hate their knights. And it is through a musical number where he realizes how awful he is to Syd sometimes, promising him to be better, and encouraging him to tell his parents who he really is (he was also a little in fear of Syd spitting on his ale).

As normal when you spend too much time with someone, these three gorgeous and diverse (very diverse) people have come to find out everything they find annoying about each other.  It’s only when they are threatened by a group of land pirates (led by no other than Hugh Bonneville) who trap them and steal their jewel that they need to put their differences aside and come together to find their strengths (although Syd is tired of Galavant and Isabella making puppy eyes at each other, understandably). They do so, by helping the pirates get their stuck ship out of land with the condition that they help them get to Valencia (who knew it was so far away?)

Both episodes keep hitting the right notes (see what I did there?). The problem here is some jokes still fall flat (like all the ball jokes in the first episode) but the music and the hilarious character dynamics make up for it. Galavant is very meta (characters can even sense musical numbers coming!) and it seems hyper-aware of its highs and lows (as the second episode proves, when the jester tries to teach Richard comedy) and it’s the fact that it does that makes it such a fun show.

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Midweek Review

When you watch as many TV shows as I currently do, reviewing each and one of them is hard. Having said this, I wouldn’t be me without having a lot of opinions. That is the reason why I’ve created TWO new sections for the blog: Midweek Review, posted on Thursday for shows airing Sunday to Wednesday and Weekend Review, for shows airing from Thursday to Saturday and posted on Sunday. This way I will be able to cover more shows, with shorter reviews that go straight to the point.

If at any point an episode is so good – or so bad – that a whole review is necessary, it will simply get its own post.

And without further ado, here is your first “Midweek Review”, featuring: ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, ‘Galavant’, ‘Sleepy Hollow’, ‘Broadchurch’ and ‘Cougar Town’.

Agent Carter’ will be the lucky gal to get her own post this week.

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