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Women Making Me (And You) Love TV Right Now

It is the time for women on TV. They’ve got a chance to be difficult, wrong, fallible– even unlikable!– and surprisingly, those shows are making it on the air. Women have also started to embrace the love for other women, and lists like this one are a must in entertainment blogs. There is still a long road to walk, but we can be happy to say TV is making space for some of the best female characters in a long time. These are some of my personal favorites from this and last year.

Jessica Huang – Fresh Off the Boat


Jessica Huang manages to be a pretty amazing mother with a career of her own and she also gifts us with hitting teenagers with a car or dedicating a song to her best friend that’s not a duet. Not to mention, she is hilarious.

Peggy Carter – Agent Carter


A badass from head to toe, Peggy never stops feeling real. She is rough, she fights dirty and somehow she manages to do it without smearing her signature red lip all over her face. But most of all, she’s human and she is vulnerable, and the show makes sure to remind us that there is more to the woman that founded S.H.I.E.L.D. than her fighting skills.

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Midseason Review: ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’

Weekly ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ reviews took a small break last week in order for me to fly over to London for a small geeky trip (no conventions this year, so I had to do something). But fear not, friends, for this is the perfect opportunity to write a review on the show as a whole up to midseason and what is working and what isn’t about season two, so far.



New dynamics explored

The best part of this season so far have been the ways the characters have paired off. Seth and Kate lasted so little but gave us a lot and quickly became a fan favorite pairing (#sethandkate4everrr), but their separation didn’t mean their stories became boring. Quite the contrary, Sonja and Seth’s relationship, which seems to be going too hard, too fast, is interesting because Sonja obviously has something to hide and doesn’t stop herself from giving Seth crap and Seth seems to be throwing himself into it because it’s the most ‘normal’ he has felt in a while.

Kate found her brother Scott and even though Scott didn’t want to accept her help and flew off despite Kate’s efforts to understand him, Freddie showed up when she needed him the most. And he needed her too. Their partnership in the last episode was great, and it was nice to see Kate being valued and taken into consideration as an equal, since it took so long for Seth to actually let her work with him.

Meanwhile Scott and Carlos are in young padawan – Jedi Master territory, with Scott becoming his right hand in the setting up of his new empire of evil.  Santanico found a shadow of her former self in Paloma, a young girl she kidnapped in order to make her way to Malvado’s hideout, but who keeps reminding her of the monster she is becoming versus the girl she used to be.

All of these new dynamics are keeping the show from becoming stale and repetitive, and keeping the brothers away from each other worked out rather well, to my surprise. But of course you cannot do that for too long, and now the Gecko brothers ride again.

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‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ – ‘Opening Night’ Review

And we’re back from a long summer hiatus just in time for “From Dusk Till Dawn”‘s return. If you haven’t watched Robert Rodriguez’s show, based on Tarantino’s script (and his own movie), you should really give it a shot, because it is a fun-filled, never-ending rollercoaster ride of action, gore and family stories.

The show comes back from the hiatus with a three-month jump. Richie and Santanico have taken it upon themselves to bring down the nine lords, and that starts with Malvado, the lord who imprisoned and forced her into becoming a dancer at the Titty Twister (which we find out a lot about during a flashback). During the first season I must admit I had a complicated relationship with Santanico. While I understood her need to be freed, she did manipulate Richie into killing to connect with her (RIP Monica, we hardly knew ya), and forced him and Seth into the Twister. She also didn’t quite seem to mind playing a part in Carlos’ schemes, including but not limited to feeding the counselors with other girls and bringing Kate in for her replacement (what was up with that? Will we ever find out why Carlos was so keen on having Kate, specifically, replace Santanico?) When looking at it in retrospect, she probably thought all those things were little a price to pay for her freedom (“I do what I do to survive”), which to someone who’s been enslaved for over 500 years, is probably the first priority. Santanico was a pure girl in the beginning, but she had means to an end and part of being a complex, interesting character is sometimes not doing the right things. It’s not like everyone in this show is a saint.

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My fall 2015-2016 TV schedule

Upfronts are done! The most stressing time of the year for TV watchers, where we find out whether our favorite shows have been renewed or cancelled is finally gone. There are some broken hearts, petitions to save shows and resignation for those who lost their favorites, and happiness for those whose favorite shows got renewed. I was lucky enough to have every show I currently watch renewed, which honestly freaks me out a little, because it never happens.

It also crowds my TV schedule quite a lot more than it already is, both during fall and midseason, but we’ll deal with that when the time comes.

So what are the shows I’m watching next season, and what new shows I’m giving a chance to? Find out below. Continue reading My fall 2015-2016 TV schedule

3 Shows I’ve Binge-Watched This Month

It’s been a quiet month at Taylah Talks, and while yes, I could give you a thousand excuses as to how my life has been extremely busy, the truth is I have experienced a massive writer’s block.

So what have I been doing in the last month, then, other than wallowing in self-pity? Binge-watching TV, as you do. And then it hit me, I can actually tell you about what I have been watching!

So here are the three TV shows that have had my attention in the last month.


Much like the entirety of the internet, I immediately jumped on Netflix to watch Daredevil the moment its first season was released, and got through it within the same weekend.

Let’s be honest, Daredevil is nothing but another superhero origin story. The difference is in the execution. Daredevil manages to do everything Arrow has been trying to do this season (and failing) by giving us a likable male lead that has believable reasons to keep his secret from the people he loves, a well-rounded villain that is terrifying yet shares a lot in common with our hero and supporting characters with their own thoughts and motivations whose storylines are as interesting as our protagonist’s. It also featured one of my favorite male friendships on TV so far with Foggy and Matt, two adults that are past the “bro” phase and thus not unbearable to watch. Continue reading 3 Shows I’ve Binge-Watched This Month