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If you haven’t watched ‘Grace and Frankie’ it’s time to fix that mistake

I was unknowingly a big, fat ageist and I was not aware.

This is not the only thing I take away from “Grace and Frankie”, but it is the first one I want to get out of the way, in case your own ageism is stopping you from giving this show a shot too.

If you think your young, careless self is not going to find something fun, entertaining or relatable in “Grace and Frankie” you are dead wrong.

When I first heard about this show I was rather intrigued by the premise: two marriages of over 40 years fall apart when both husbands reveal to their wives they have been in love for over 20 years and want to spend the rest of their lives together. Then both women decide to grieve the loss of their marriages together and instead of tearing each other apart, they occupy their fabulous, shared beach house and become best friends.

But somehow, something was stopping me from watching and I didn’t know what it was: was it the fact that Miley Cyrus was the one who got it a second season? Was it the fact that legends Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin were getting paid the same as their male co-stars even though they ARE the two leads of the show? Was it the fact that I have barely watched any other TV shows since From Dusk Till Dawn and Bob’s Burgers and I didn’t feel like watching anything else?

No, it was the fact that I didn’t think I would relate to the story of two 70-year old women starting over.

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