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My New Year’s TV Resolutions

2015 is here, and everyone is making impossible resolutions: to exercise more, eat less crap, stop drinking, stop spending money on useless things… I like to keep it simple. My resolutions are achievable goals, like changing out of my pajamas on days where I’m not planning on leaving the house, just in case someone decides to come visit. But some of them also TV-related. So what am I going to try to change on my TV habits this year?

Watch more dramas


Most of the shows I watch are either sitcoms or sci-fi and fantasy and there are not many dramas in my favorite shows’ list (‘The Hour’ and ‘Sherlock’ are exceptions.)

I gave a chance to ‘Masters of Sex’ this year and while I didn’t hate it, I didn’t love it, so I dropped it.  Same thing happened with ‘How to Get Away With Murder’, ‘Blacklist’, and others. I have always rationalized not enjoying straight-up dramas as much with me thinking of TV as an escape from the horrible realities of the world, but the truth is, sometimes they just bore me. That’s why this year I have decided to find some compelling and interesting dramas to watch that can help get me into the genre. Maybe I will give some of the aforementioned a second chance.  Continue reading My New Year’s TV Resolutions


5 Reasons To #SaveSelfie

Back when the Pilot for ‘Selfie’ aired I didn’t think I’d find myself campaigning for it to be saved. Not because I didn’t think it would need saving– people have been predicting its demise way before it started– but because I watched it and didn’t think it would be a show I would watch weekly, but would most likely binge-watch when it was cancelled.

It’s a harsh but true reality: the first three episodes of ‘Selfie’ were rather rough, and even though Karen Gillan and John Cho are incredibly charming leads, the show was struggling to find its tone.

But around episode four, the show started being sweeter and more heartwarming, and the things that made other Emily Kapnek shows so special, like the feel-good elements, started taking over and ‘Selfie’ became a show that today, regardless of its cancellation by ABC and consequent move to Hulu, I REALLY want to see succeed.

So why should Hulu give ‘Selfie’ a season two? I’ll give you five reasons:

1. Eliza Dooley is the hottest dork

Eliza is selfish, she is shallow (on the surface) and shameless, but she is also in many ways, extremely oblivious to her still underlying dorkiness. Karen Gillan is incredibly gorgeous, yes, but she is also a tall and lanky woman and her physical comedy is on point. Here is an example:

Is this hot? Is it embarrassing? It’s both. That’s the magic of Eliza. Continue reading 5 Reasons To #SaveSelfie