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“Dramaworld”: A Year Later, or What Happens After You Become An Addict To Kdramas

Long time no see, readers. It has been a while. Without getting personal, this last year has been hectic for me, which has had some consequences on my TV habits. I am no longer able to keep up with television weekly, so I have been stuck on what to write about, because I rarely consume western media anymore.

Key word: western.

The last entry on this blog was about “Dramaworld”, a TV show about a girl whose kdrama addiction ended up bringing her into the actual “world of kdrama” where she changed things up to her liking. Little did I know, soon I would be relating to that girl a little more. Thus, the title.

Yes. I am an addict to Korean dramas. And let me tell you, they are pretty damn great.

I can hear your thoughts: “Taylah, but you used to watch so many great shows, how come you have fallen that pit of hell? Aren’t they basically soap operas?” And, that my friends, is where you are 100% wrong. Let’s address some of the biggest misconceptions about Korean dramas, some of which “Dramaworld” fell into, and one of the reasons why I don’t love “Dramaworld” as much as I did upon first viewing.

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5 Signs You Need to Stop Watching A TV Show

As I move away from my mid-20s, I haven’t grown any less attached to TV shows and its characters as I used to when I was younger, but my tolerance levels have significantly decreased over time. I no longer watch TV shows with the hope of them becoming better. I no longer give shows too much wiggle room to fix gigantic mistakes I know deep in my heart there is no way to come back from. Maybe it’s cold and maybe it’s cynical, but with the amount of TV shows out there right now, why waste my time with something that I will not enjoy?

It’s a crossroad every fan of TV has been at in their lives at some point: the show you love has changed and you are angry and upset, but you loved it so much. So why would you leave it? So you let it consume you with rage, as you tut your way through the episodes with the small hope that the show that once was so good to you returns from the war. In some cases that might happen, but the truth is in most cases, it will not. So here are 5 signs that you should stop watching that TV show: 

They ruin your favorite character

image credit: The CW
image credit: The CW

Sometimes characters make decisions that do not feel true to what you know of them. These decisions make sense in the writers’ heads and they might even convincingly get most of the audience on board with them (they might even be justified! no one is questioning the decision itself here, just your personal feelings about it) but when the character that you once loved changes so drastically there is no longer a hint of it still being there, why continue to watch it being assassinated in front of your very eyes? It’s time to stop watching and remember what you once liked about that character while you still can. 

One (or more) of your favorite characters dies

Let’s take it a bit further and say that your favorite character gets not figuratively, but literally assassinated. Everything the show does after that will make you angry, bitter and disappointed. Here is what you have to do: mentally go through all the reasons why you like the show, if most of the reasons were related to the character that is now gone, stop. If they’re not, but the character’s death taints every other thing you like about the show, stop.  Regardless of people claiming you’re not “a real fan” because of it, at the end of the day your feelings about it come first and if the show took away the main reason you used to watch it for, why continue to? Screw them. And screw that show.

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