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Women Making Me (And You) Love TV Right Now

It is the time for women on TV. They’ve got a chance to be difficult, wrong, fallible– even unlikable!– and surprisingly, those shows are making it on the air. Women have also started to embrace the love for other women, and lists like this one are a must in entertainment blogs. There is still a long road to walk, but we can be happy to say TV is making space for some of the best female characters in a long time. These are some of my personal favorites from this and last year.

Jessica Huang – Fresh Off the Boat


Jessica Huang manages to be a pretty amazing mother with a career of her own and she also gifts us with hitting teenagers with a car or dedicating a song to her best friend that’s not a duet. Not to mention, she is hilarious.

Peggy Carter – Agent Carter


A badass from head to toe, Peggy never stops feeling real. She is rough, she fights dirty and somehow she manages to do it without smearing her signature red lip all over her face. But most of all, she’s human and she is vulnerable, and the show makes sure to remind us that there is more to the woman that founded S.H.I.E.L.D. than her fighting skills.

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and TV with a positive message

In a time where Parks & Recreation says goodbye to us definitely, ‘Cougar Town’ is in its last season, shows like Happy Endings and Selfie disappear into the abyss and we are in abundance of CBS-style multi-cam comedies that should have been left behind a long time ago having inexplicable success (I am sorry, The Odd Couple, you aren’t even that bad, but did we really need you?) the need for feel-good comedies in our TVs grows stronger.

Many of these multi-cam comedies tend to fall into a terrible pattern: the scripts are written for the audience to laugh at the characters, instead of with them. I get it, it’s classic Schadenfreude: it’s great to have someone to watch that has it worse than you. There is something satisfying about thinking “well, my life is crap, but at least I’m not THAT guy!”, but what is the issue with watching a comedy where you can end up feeling happy for the characters? Why do we put human empathy aside when watching television? Is it better to watch the characters in The Big Bang Theory struggle with basic human interaction than to watch Leslie Knope making her wishes come true? Given the ratings difference between the two of them, to many people it is.

This is why Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt comes at a perfect time, when the number of shows that make us root for the people that live in their universe is alarmingly decreasing (thank you, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Fresh Off the Boat, Bob’s Burgers and Jane The Virgin, you’re very needed). If you haven’t binge-watched this yet, you have probably been living in a bunker after being kidnapped by a pre-apocalyptic cult, have just made it out and thus you are forgiven, but please learn about what Netflix is, watch the show and then come back to read this blog post.
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